kbSunset’s closer to eight o’clock now and it’s muggier every damn day. Pretty soon it will be too hot in the house to think about anything other than the katydids bellowing outside the bedroom window. Kingsley Bloom’s “Hymn & Hawberry” is music for when the box fan dies. Brantley Jones’ hoarse tenor curls effortlessly with Ruby Kendrick’s youthful harmony. Imagine Skip Spence singing alongside Melanie. Together their voices breeze through the nearly fossilized summer air pressed against the screened-in front porch. Guitars rumble and clap. A late-night thunderstorm is on the move. Then the bottom falls out and the vocals double back off the kudzu-covered Oaks lining the sidewalk and you forget about the temperature for a while. Kingsley Bloom’s Youtometoyou EP is out now and the rumor is that Jones also has a solo LP in the works for No Quarter Records.  Stay dialed.

Kingsley Bloom :: Hymn & Hawberry

5 Responses to “Kingsley Bloom :: Hymn & Hawberry”

  1. Good gravy that’s gorgeous.

  2. Lovely tune. Look forward to a No Quarter release. They are a trustworthy label.

  3. The song “Forecast” is so so gorgeous.

  4. Looooovely

  5. do you know how I can get in touch with these guys?

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