Bobby Womack :: California Dreamin’


In the universe of monster soul renditions of The Mamas & the Papas’ “California Dreaming”, there exists a sort of holy trinity. Yes, there are others, but these form a circle. You have the rough hewn Lee Moses cover, via the (absolutely) inestimable Time And Place, the flute-smooth bombast that is the Baby Huey And The Babysitters’ version, and this one – courtesy of Bobby Womack.

Bobby Womack :: California Dreamin’

7 thoughts on “Bobby Womack :: California Dreamin’

  1. Jose Feliciano doesn’t inherently qualify as a soul artist, but damn if he doesn’t lay his soul bare on his cover of ‘California Dreamin,’ which imo is the best cover of this track.

  2. yeah, eddie hazel’s the one that came to mind . . . the recent “what it is!” vinyl 45s box had both the vocal and instru. versions of his take. truly cosmic.

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