Lux Interior Swallowed A Microphone And Made Me Hate Ted Nugent Forever

Diversions, a recurring feature on Aquarium Drunkard, catches up with our favorite artists as they wax on subjects other than recording and performing.

Boys and girls, the circus is coming to town...or in this case, Guided By Voices and Bobby Bare Jr. are gigging Friday night at the Fonda in Hollywood. The club is, indeed, open. Bare not only has has a new LP out (Undefeated), but is the subject of filmmaker William Miller's new documentary, Don't Follow Me (I'm Lost). As such we took this opportunity to catch up with Bobby as he waxes on the transformative music of his youth, growing up in Nashville, TN.

Bobby Bare Jr., in his own words, below...

In late 1982 my parents bought the first VCR machine available to the public. It was HUGE. It weighed about 100 lbs and covered the entire top of our television. It looked like a smashed  microwave with a trap door that rose out of the middle of the top where the VCR tapes would go. Lucky for me my Dad bought a bunch of pirated tapes and one of those was a music movie called URGH: A Music War.   It's a showcase of all the new underground bands from the late 70s/early 80s. The film "stars" The Police but includes many of the other most popular "NEW WAVE" bands including  Devo, The Go-Gos, Oingo Boingo, X, XTC, Echo and the Bunnymen, Gang of Four, OMD, Toyah Willcox,  The Cramps, Surf Punks, Jools Holland,  Joan Jett, Pere Ubu, Gary Numan,  and more. IT TOTALLY FREAKED ME OUT.

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