“Hey, buddy. I saw you leaning on my car.” Hey kids, Richard Swift just sent this over – a new 54 minute mix sourced from his personal 45 collection, laid down at National Freedom Studios in Cottage Grove, OR. Dig in, spot the individual tracks, and be sure to check out the man’s archives, HERE.

Richard Swift Presents :: Playing Dumb – A Mixtape

12 Responses to “Richard Swift Presents :: Playing Dumb – A Mixtape”

  1. Swift x AD. Yes.

  2. Awesome. Long live Swift.

  3. This is bring me all kinds of happiness, just a few songs in. Thanks for the goodness.

  4. Thanks Swifty! You too AD 😉

  5. ahhhh yeeah

  6. SoundHound is only having a 50% hit rate.. Has anyone made a playlist?

    Meanwhile, I half expect the Bride to appear in my living room with a Hattori Hanzo sword

  7. $

  8. […] Speaking of Richard Swift mixtapes, his previous offering unearthed this absolute gem of slow-burning soul – Gloria Walker’s “Talking About My Baby”. […]

  9. Who does “I’ll Never Hurt Again”?

  10. heck yes!

  11. This is great, and, yes, a playlist sure would be very helpful!

  12. I think I got most right, still missing three… Can anyone help out?

    Link Wray & The Wraymen – Slinky
    Lee Rogers – Our Love is More
    ??? Never Hurt Again… ???
    The Marketts – Out of Limits
    The Cougars – I Wish It Would Rain
    The Isley Brothers – There’s No Love Left
    Link Wray – Bo Diddley
    Bermudas – Donnie
    Jackie Ross – Everything But Love
    Paul Humphrey & His Cool Aid Chemists – Detroit
    Little Milton – Can’t Hold Back the Tears
    Link Wray & The Wraymen – Soul Train
    Tyrone Davis – Can I Change My Mind
    Melvin Bliss – Synthetic Substitution
    The O’Kaysions – (I’m a) Girl Watcher
    Bo Diddley – Gimme Gimme
    Diana Ross & The Supremes – Come See About Me
    Bo Diddley – Craw-Dad
    Shades of Blue – Happiness
    ??? My Baby, She’s Too Much ???
    ??? Sax/Piano instrumental ???
    Little Richard – Keep a Knockin’
    David Seville – Don’t Whistle at Me (Baby)
    Lonnie Mack – Memphis
    Chubby Checker – Hooka Tooka

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