gloriaSpeaking of Richard Swift mixtapes, his previous offering unearthed this absolute gem of slow-burning soul – Gloria Walker’s “Talking About My Baby”.

Recorded in 1968 for the Flaming Arrow label, Gloria raps over a steady, down-tempo blues, relating a down-and-out cautionary tale of unrequited love and smarting betrayal. What follows is a seamless transition into an incredibly soulful, yet far too brief, riff on Etta James’ “I’d Rather Go Blind.” Perfectly complimented by one of the the most mournful sounding trumpet lines ever laid to tape – resonating deep and low – Gloria’s voice soars in triumph. Sad, yes, but cool, confident and assured. She floats out on “…baby, baby, baby…” not in despair, but only stronger for coming out the other side. words / c depasquale

Gloria Walker :: Talking About My Baby

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