Miriam Makeba :: Love Tastes Like Strawberries


Culled from Miriam Makeba’s 1962 lp The Many Voices of Miriam Makeba, the spellbinding “Love Tastes Like Strawberries” is a marshland of sparse, misty terrain. Miriam’s voice — positively otherworldly — drifts in and out of the ether, blurring together with eastern-leaning guitar, brief, obscured spurts of bass feedback, and swirling, hypnotizing trumpet. The metaphor of the song’s title is equally hazy, obscured by Makeba’s lyrics — “Love is free like pinwheels flying / love is soft like tears of crying.” Like traveling through the fog, when you reach the end it’s unclear what exactly you’ve encountered, but you’re left with a vague and mysterious feeling of unshakeable resonance. words / c depasquale

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