Hiss Golden Messenger :: Saturday’s Song


M.C. Taylor’s Hiss Golden Messenger albums weave a lot of layers into the songwriter’s work — folk, blues, gospel, touches of psychedelia, boogie, and raga — but with “Saturday’s Song,” a taste from his upcoming   Merge Records debut Lateness of Dancers, Taylor eases into an AOR groove, coaxing AM gold vibes that radiate with warmth. There are always dark fringes to Taylor’s words, and here he sings about escaping the mundane confines of the work week, singing about Saturday like it offers the only solace the narrator knows, but there’s always hope too, the idea of salvation or transcendence lingering somewhere out there, in some good whiskey or some holy book.

Lateness of Dancers features contributions from Taylor’s longtime collaborator Scott Hirsch, the Cook brothers of Megafaun, guitar work courtesy of AD favorite William Tyler, Alexandra Sauser-Monnig of Mountain Man, and others. It’s out September 9th and available for pre-order now. words / j woodbury

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