Black sand blues. More freeform interstitial airwave debris transmitting somewhere off the coast of Los Angeles. This is transmission fourteen.

Direct download, below. The first thirteen transmissions can be found and downloaded, here.

MP3: Sidecar: Transmission / 14

Intro / Strung Out
The Soul Inc. – Love Me When I’m Down
Jerry And Jeff – Voodoo Medicine Man
Dion – Baby, Let’s Stay Together
Apple & The Three Oranges – Curse Upon The World
T.L. Barrett And Youth For Christ Choir – Like A Ship
Eddie Bo & Inez Cheatham – Lover And A Friend
Tony Owens – I Got Soul
Famous L. Renfroe – Introduction
Big Sambo & The House Wreckers – The Rains Came
Alton Ellis – Whiter Shade of Pale
The Flamingos – I Only Have Eyes For You

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11 Responses to “Aquarium Drunkard: Sidecar (Transmission 14) – Podcast/Mixtape”

  1. That Eddie Bo/Inez Cheatham track is a perennial burner. The world really lost out when Eddie Bo died


  3. nice to see these are back. dion track is killing me.

  4. what’s the story with Soul Inc? Gotta hear more of this.

  5. Love this…..but you should put Jessi Malay on there
    she’s amazing

  6. So excellent… been playing all these in the restaurant i work at here in New Orleans. Thanks.

  7. voodoo, indeed, JG

  8. blown way out

  9. Finally

  10. gettin it

  11. […] Louisiana tracks from the 1950s and 60s (Part 2 is here). There's also the badass Sidecar series, including this episode, which introduced me to Alton Ellis. Awesome. Find them all […]

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