8 thoughts on “Gilbert O’Sullivan :: Alone Again (Naturally)

  1. first heard this song on KCSN, went down the YouTube rabbit hole and watched every vid, every interview I could get my hands on about him. Turns out he didn’t base it on personal experience per se, but a song becomes its own living, breathing organism, doesn’t it…

  2. Speaking in 2009 he said; “I write pop songs. End of story. That’s all I wanted to do. That’s all I want to do. And that’s all I continue to want to do. I have no interest in just touring, and living in the past.”


    Amazing Artist indeed!
    thanks AD

  3. I Think I’d pair this song with the Pretender’s ‘Stop Sobbin” to “Nutshell” 70’s pop.

    (so to speak)

    Obey Gravity

  4. this was used in Sophia Coppola’s ‘Virgin Suicides’, great tune thanks for posting

  5. Hi!

    Been following your Blog for a couple of years & really enjoy the 60’s & 70’s music. As someone mentioned brings back memories of growing up in Toronto & listening to 1050 CHUM-AM radio. Thanx.


    Ciao! For now.

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