Gal Costa :: Baby


Vibes, here. Gal Costa, on her 1969 self-titled lp, covers, amongst other Tropicalia staples, the Caetano Veloso-penned – Os Mutantes-popularized – “Baby.” Costa swaps out the mutant garage-psych for a taste of airy and elegant cool. Gone are the shimmering organ and winding guitar and in their stead we find swirling and soaring strings. The tune starts with a subtle but undeniable bassline, accented by distant drum clicks and laid-back guitar, everything taking its time as the strings slowly glide up to the surface. Costa’s vocals echo out into the atmosphere, lending the song a spacious grace — more than enough room for Caetano Veloso to stretch his vocal chords as well.   He and Costa float around each other, intertwining and then drifting away together into space. words / c depasquale

Gal Costa :: Baby

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  1. Always good to see a little MPB/Tropicalia up in here. Love me some Gal Costa and listen to her s/t album, ‘India’ and ‘Domingo’ (with Caetano Veloso) on the regular. Great to see her gettin a little more pub. Worth digging into…

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