0137It was 1966, a year that saw the Beach Boys drop Pet Sounds, the Beatles unleash Revolver, and the Kinks dethrone the Mop-Tops from Liverpool by scoring a #1 hit with “Sunny Afternoon,” supplanting “Paperback Writer” and cementing their place as legitimate vanguards of the British Invasion. By this time, however, the music of the Beatles and Kinks had already spread like wildfire, inspiring garage bands across the globe to take to their studios and earnestly hammer out versions of their favorite tunes in their native tongues.

From the “Uruguayan Beatles,” Los Shakers, to the Mexican group Los Freddy’s, to the French Les Sultans, seemingly everyone had their own translation of bowlcuts and jangle. This tune, which members of the Rushmore Generation will instantly recognize, is dripping with haunting naïveté – a gem in a sea of tunes worth sailing. words / r wilson

Les Sultans :: Il N’y A Rien Au Monde Que Je Ne Ferais Pas Pour Cette Fille

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  1. Love

  2. These guys are actually from Quebec, led by Bruce Huard. They have a great song in English called “I’m looking through you” (not the Beatles song, just a coincidence). Most of their stiff is on itunes, or was at one time.

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