Ghana / Nigeria / Jamaica / Senegal & beyond. More freeform interstitial airwave debris transmitting somewhere off the coast of Los Angeles. This is transmission fifteen.

Direct download, below. The first fourteen transmissions can be found and downloaded, here.

MP3: Sidecar: Transmission / 15

Mor Thiam – Ayo Ayo Nene
Fela Kuti – Lover
Ebo Taylor & Uhuru-Yenzu – Love And Death
The Reggae Boys – Selassie
Willie Dickson & The Playboys – Lickin’ Stick
The Fabulous Three – Django’s Soul
Ofo and The Black Company – Allah Wakbar
The Dutch Rhythm, Steel & Showband – Down By The River

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11 Responses to “Aquarium Drunkard: Sidecar (Transmission 15) – Podcast/Mixtape”

  1. […] Source: Aquarium Drunkard: Sidecar (Transmission 15) – Podcast/Mixtape […]

  2. Really diggin’ this Transmission volume. The heavy african vibe is perfect for these dog days of summer.


  3. white silk nailed it. this is just such a good mix for the summer.

  4. Also, are you guys ever going to get on Spotify and start throwing some playlists up on that site?

    I do a makeshift version of the stuff that you guys post, but I’d prefer to snag it straight from you guys.

  5. Real glad to see this series is back

  6. this Mor Thiam joint is nuts. bonus tape hiss.

  7. TexRipples, search for aquariumdrunkard in Spotify, it will pop up as a profile and then you will see all the dope ass jams that Justin throws down in Spotify. Not everything but lots of fantastic stuff.


  9. @Hittheshowers Thanks! (I was already following him, but I was missing the updates for some reason.)

  10. Summer nites

  11. Hello Gents!

    I created this playlist months back with pretty much all Sidecar Transmission Mixtapes 1-15! I am a big fan! Enjoy.

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