On September 8, 2008, David Berman rolled his touring band into WFMU‘s New Jersey studio to record a live set for Benjamin Walker’s show. Berman — who by this point had played live less than a hundred times in his band’s twenty year career — sounds like his pre-Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea self; the sense of confidence that rings through that record is suddenly notable for its absence here. But his crackerjack band, which includes experimental guitarist William Tyler, spitshine the lo-fi off that back catalogue, giving Starlite Walker standout “Trains Across the Sea” the trad-Nashville sheen it never knew it needed. Less than four months later, Silver Jews would be no more. words / m garner

Silver Jews :: Trains Across The Sea (Live, WFMU)

10 Responses to “Silver Jews :: Trains Across The Sea (Live, WFMU)”

  1. The opening chords sound just like Mott the Hoople’s version of “Laugh at Me.”

  2. very rarely do you recognize — in the moment — that you are experiencing a perfect thing. such was the case seeing silver jews at maxwell’s in 2008. a magical evening draped in good vibes and red velvet.

  3. good song

  4. This is amazing. Worth hunting down the whole set from WFMU:

  5. Anyone have a link to the whole performance? Would really appreciate it.

  6. Um, found it with an easy search. Awesome show. Didn’t know this existed.

  7. A show enriched with flawless fabulous performances 🙂 These are the kind of shows that go down in history for remarkable performances and awesome music. So captivating…loved it.

  8. […] found this old silver jews session on wfmu (courtesy of aquarium drunkard). american water was a revelatory album for me, perhaps the record that most defines the late […]

  9. What a gift! Grazie!

  10. Menthol Mountains is cool if you have not sifted through it…definitely worth a look.

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