Smoke Dawson :: Fiddle


smokedawson_fiddleChances are you have very few — if any — solo fiddle records in your collection. Smoke Dawson’s Fiddle, freshly rescued from private press obscurity by the ever-reliable Tompkins Square label, should change that. Among other things, Tompkins Square is known for uncovering little-known gems from the Takoma School/guitar soli world.

While Smoke Dawson’s instrument of choice is the fiddle (with a little bit of bagpipe thrown in there for good measure), his spirit is in Takoma, as he dips deep into the well of traditional American music and comes out with a rough-hewn fantasia that’s raw, beautiful and just goddamn wonderful. Originally released in an extremely limited edition way back in 1971, Fiddle ┬ástill sounds as fresh and clear as a mountain stream. words / t wilcox

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