13 thoughts on “AD Presents :: Hiss Golden Messenger, Rough Trade NYC – 9/18

  1. I became aware of this band when they were the Court and Spark. I went to see Virgil Shaw back in 2001 at the El Rio in SF at a Saturday afternoon show and The Court and Spark were up on the stage. I wanted to not like them because they just seemed way to laid back but they won me over by the end of their set. Been a huge fan of everything MC Taylor since then.

  2. Discovered the Court and Spark around the time their second album was released – through downloading a couple of tracks from whatever online music provider was around then (obviously less memorable than the music). Those songs ended up on several summer mixtapes and I ended up tracking down the bands first album (via mail order) and, subsequently, all their other releases, including the Double Roses EP. When I heard of MC Taylor’s new project, I new I’d be continually enthralled…looking forward to this show. Big up AD!

  3. Hmm, I think I first heard Hiss Golden Messenger via my friend John. But really a lot of my favorite song writers and guitar players were talking about the record on twitter. That’s what got me interested.

  4. Court and Spark for sure. Their first album, Bless You, ranks up there in my top 10 contemporary albums. I did see them in 06 or 07 at Mercury Lounge but that was a different band.

  5. I was sitting at work listening to a video of Kamara Thomas’s group Ghost Gamblers on Youtube when I saw on the side “Jesus Shot Me in The Head”. I clicked on the video, heard the music, burst into tears because I was so moved at the beauty of it (glad my desk was way in the corner) and have been a fan ever since. BTW, my 91 year old father is a big fan too, he calls HGM “My man, Mike Taylor”.

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