Johnny Thunder :: I’m Alive (1968)

A Tommy James and the Shondells original, Johnny Thunder and his crew turned the track inside out in 1968 transforming it into the soul/fuzz monster you hear, below. They took the reins and they ain’t giving ’em back.

Johnny Thunder :: I’m Alive

5 thoughts on “Johnny Thunder :: I’m Alive (1968)

  1. Interview with Bob Dylan by Rolling Stone Magazine, November 1969:

    RS: “Is there anything happening on the current rock & roll scene that strikes you as good?”

    BD: “I heard a record by Johnny Thunder. It’s called “I’m Alive”. Never hear it either, huh? Well, I can’t believe it. Everyone I’ve talked to, I’ve asked them if they’ve heard that record.”

    RS: “Is it on the radio right now?”

    BD: “I don’t know. I heard it on the radio a month ago, two months ago… three months ago. It was one of the most powerful records I’ve ever heard. It’s called “I’m Alive”. By Johnny Thunder. Well, it was that sentiment, truly expressed. That’s the most I can say… if you heard the record, you’d know what I mean. But that’s about all.”

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