Madisen Ward & The Mama Bear :: Live By Water

madisen and mama bear

Meet Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear, a mother and son act from Kansas City. The guitar and vocal duo weave a charming and homespun cloth of country, blues and folk. Their interplay of guitars is warm and tender — joyous, yet delicate. Mama’s sweet, worn backup vocals provide a sturdy footing for Ward’s dynamic and eccentric range — at times bold and boisterous, at others alien and reedy — not unlike Robbie Basho, a strange, wavering voice.

“Live by the Water” feels timeless and familiar, yet completely fresh. Ward’s lyrics paint comfortable, rural visions, a paean for the simple, untethered life. “All I need is a sip of cherry cola and pie / When I die, you’re gonna know the reasons why / Live hard, breathe high, break a couple of bones / Cut that wire between you and the telephone.” It’s a sweet, gentle song at heart, a song befitting their dynamic. But there is unique, intangible magic about them that deepens the experience — a solemn, thoughtfulness in their delivery and a mysterious beauty flowing from their voices, their guitars and their bond. words / c depasquale

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