We’re heading to New York, so come party with us. Aquarium Drunkard – CMJ 2014 – No Jacket Required. October 24th at Rough Trade in Brooklyn. Tickets available, here. More details next month. . .

Kevin Morby ~ Twin Peaks ~ Springtime Carnivore ~ Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band ~ Ryley Walker ~ Modern Vices ~ Geronimo Getty ~ DJ Sets by Mondo Boys

6 Responses to “Aquarium Drunkard Presents: No Jacket Required – CMJ 2014 – October 24th – Rough Trade, NYC”

  1. this looks like the night

  2. GOING. Just bought tix.

  3. Hoping to make it to the show if I’m in town. It’s been 2 years since the last Mondo Boys mix! Hook it up dudes!!! We need a fall soundtrack.



  4. That’s a show to see.

  5. Damn, how late is this going till? I gotta work till 10!

  6. @michael – 1:00

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