Dig into this — a wide array of Neil covers from his first decade or so in action. There’s folk rock, funk rock, country rock, yacht rock, pop rock — all kinds of rock. And plenty of other stuff, too. New perspectives on old favorites. Say hello to Mr. Soul.  / t wilcox

Hello, Mr. Soul :: Neil Young Covers, 1967-1978 (external Sendspace link)

1. Till the Morning Comes (1972) – Françoise Hardy
2. Southern Man (1971) – Merry Clayton
3. Mr. Soul (1968) – The Everly Brothers
4. Only Love Can Break Your Heart (1972) – Jackie DeShannon
5. Cinnamon Girl (1970) – The Gentrys
6. Cowgirl in the Sand (1974) – The Byrds
7. Birds (1972) – Meters
8. Love Is a Rose (1977) – Linda Ronstadt
9. Down By The River (1975) – Undisputed Truth
10. When You Dance You Can Really Love (1971) – Crazy Horse
11. Heart Of Gold (1972) – Bettye LaVette
12. Are You Ready for the Country? (1976) – Waylon Jennings
13. Sugar Mountain (1967) – Joni Mitchell
14. Walk On (1976) – Peter Laughner
15. The Loner (1976) – Stephen Stills
16. Tell Me Why (1971) – Matthew’s Southern Comfort
17. Helpless (1971) – Buffy Sainte-Marie
18. Ohio/Machine Gun (1971) – The Isley Brothers
19. Lotta Love (1978) – Nicolette Larson

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28 Responses to “Hello, Mr. Soul :: Neil Young Covers, 1967-1978”

  1. Thanks for this, never heard of a bunch of these covers before. It’s pretty unbelievable now to think back to Neil’s songwriting streak in this period: he was on fire!

  2. Beware, the download link in the article attempts to install crapware on your PC. Make sure you uncheck/decline the offers to do so and just download the Neil Young file. Caveat emptor.

  3. You seem to have overlooked Little Roger & The Goosebumps version of “Cinnamon Girls” (1976.

  4. @major havoc – yeah, hosted via Sendspace. you’ll want to download the file, not whatever ads they are slinging.

  5. if people dont know how to use sendspace (and others like it) they dont need be on the internet.

    thaanks for these (and everything)

  6. This is so nice

  7. 4th time through this.

  8. Cool collection. Charles Bradley’s take on “Heart of Gold” could have nestled nicely into this mix.


    italian harvest

  10. This is awesome! Thanks Tyler!

  11. I love this blog and had to let you know since I’m from the other end of the country. Please keep doing what you’re doing. Tune in to WRIR (Richmond Independent Radio) sometime when you get a chance! I’d recommend the “mellow madness” show on Sundays.

  12. fantastic. I would also add buddy miles cover of down by the river

  13. Glad to see you’re avoiding all those covers of Cortez The Killer by people like Built To Spill and Chris Forsyth (OK, they don’t fit the time frame). It’s like with Lou Reed – everybody thinks they can play that shit – and they can’t. Nice post – thanks – Michael

  14. KD Lang belts out “Helpless” here:

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  16. whose versions of heart of gold and sugar mountain are included?

  17. Super collection, thanks.

  18. Gillian Welch & David Rawlings – Pocahontas

  19. Prelude – after the gold rush belongs here…

  20. Listen to Kathleen Edwards cover of Only Love Can Break Your Heart.

  21. I regularly tweet covers (@DangerousDaveXX) on Sunday morning (UK) sessions and I’ve done Neil (#Neilcovers) – included several on your list – having said that, there’s several there that neither I nor anyone who sent requests in, picked up on

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  25. Grace Potter with Joe Satriani do a smokin’ version of Cortez.

  26. peter laughner!

  27. Going to urge ALL to seek out The Be Good Tanyas’, “For the Turnstiles”

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