Steve Palmer :: Unblinking Sun

palmerListening to the first 30 seconds or so of Steve Palmer’s excellent Unblinking Sun, you might think you’re in for an album of low-key, Fahey-style fingerpicking. Think again. Six-string eclecticism is the Minnesotan’s MO, as Palmer rapidly shifts gears into the careening krautrock boogie of “Cassini,” with a classic motorik beat and whiplash electric guitars providing the fuel for a fun, loose-limbed ride.

Unblinking Sun  may bounce around stylistically over the course of the album’s 40+ minutes, but the overall vibe is cohesive and engaging, drifting from dreamy, feedback-layered drones of ” Banjo Burner” to the noisy rattle of “Plastic Mouth.” As a new addition to the ever-expanding realm of recent guitar anti-heroes, Palmer is one to watch. words / t wilcox

Steve Palmer :: Cassini

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