Doug Paisley & Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy :: Until I Find You


Doug Paisley and Bonnie “Prince” Billy are individually responsible for two of this year’s most sublime collections of folk rock, Strong Feelings and Singer’s Grave A Sea of Tongues. In a gorgeous case of real recognizing real, the songwriters have teamed for “Until I Find You,” a new single available from the solid folks at No Quarter Records. Spare and spacious, the collaboration plays to both men’s strengths, sounding like something you might hear in the haze between dreaming and waking up. Paisley and the Prince wrap their voices together over a bed of acoustic and electric guitars, and Paisley intones, “I’m not an easy man to be with,” while Billy answers in his verse, “I’m not an easy man to kill.” The two find an accord in the swooning chorus, harmonizing in solemn longing. Not to be missed is visual artist Heather Goodchild’s video for the song, featuring animated portraits of the duo blending into other sympathetic faces, a full moon night giving way to a bright morning. Quality stuff in every regard. words / j woodbury

Doug Paisley &  Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy :: Until I Find You

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