We’re back with another collection via our transatlantic collaborator, Sweden-based DJ/record collector Peer Schouten. Enter: There Will Be Mud — a collection of rockabilly tracks, and their forebears–24 gems dug up from swampy southern soils; a strange choreography of whiskey, religion and other spirit-infused sufferin ‘n smilin.

There Will Be Mud: 24 Swampy Nuggets From The Rockabilly Hinterlands

Congratulations To Me – Ronnie Dawson
Don’t Talk Baby – Joan Malone
Magic In A Summer Night – Myron Lee & The Caddies
The Chicken Dance – Waynell Jones
So Young – Clyde Stacy and The Nitecaps
Twixteen – Gene Summers
Gonna Catch Me A Rat – Milt Trenier
All I Can Do Is Cry – Wayne Walker
If The Devil Wants To Talk – Doye O’Dell
Bear Cat – Rufus Thomas Jr
Rag Mop – Ames Brothers
Lost In The Jungle – Bob Center
Get the Shotgan Grandpa – Ann Castle
Too Much Lovin’ (Goin’ On) – Derrell Felts
Hit That Jive, Jack – Slim Gailard & Bam Brown
Mr Custer – Larry Verne
No Gasoline – Slim Sandy
Where The Rio De Rosa Flows – Jimmy Lloyd
I’m Snowed – Joe South
Cast Iron Arm – Peanuts Wilson
Put A Chain On It – Andre Williams
Blue Moon Baby – Dave Diddley Day
Shadrack – Louis Armstrong & The Lyn Murray Choir
16 Tons – Tennessee Ernie Ford

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8 Responses to “There Will Be Mud: 24 Swampy Nuggets From The Rockabilly Hinterlands”

  1. This is the best thing that’s happened to me all month. Thanks, AD.

  2. I love this web site.

  3. Yrsss

  4. Fantastique!!!!!

  5. Non-stop awesomeness from AD. Everyone here in DC are thumbs up

  6. Shiiiiiiiiit. Can you re-up??

  7. @saki – DONE

  8. One of the best rockabilly compilations I’ve ever heard. Thanks so much. Not a dude in the bunch.

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