Thanksgiving: Late Autumn Light (A Mixtape)

francoise motorcycle

A late November feast of folk, rock, and country sounds, much of it gospel-tinged, all of it burnished in afternoon light. Expect occasional flurries, scattered leaves, and warm ovens. Foil-wrapped casserole dishes and those gold-brown canisters that Folger’s Crystals used to come in. Drunken uncles and grandma’s gravy. Cranberry as a condiment, cold turkey for breakfast. Pedal-steel twang. Thick scarves. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. Tunes for keeping the engine warm, prayerful pleas for saying grace, and plenty of laidback Seventies stuffing to go round. words / dk o’hara

To the rail I pray / ’Cause in November I heard your name / Quit my job and stole a gun – C.Bathgate

Jerry Jeff Walker, Will There Be Any? (1974)
Bob Dylan, Mary Ann (1973)
Fairport Convention, Tale in a Hard Time (1969)
Neil Young,  Pardon My Heart (1975)
Heron, I Wouldn’t Mind (1971)
Graham Nash & David Crosby, Southbound Train (1972)
Jimmie Spheeris, Come Back (1971)
Chris Bathgate, In the City (2011)
Possessed by Paul James, Texas Rose (2010)
The Chambers Brothers, People Get Ready (1967)
Jaki Whitren, A Little Bit Extra Please (1973)
Sandy Denny, Crazy Lady Blues (1971)
Lambchop, Each Time I Bring it Up, It Seems to Bring You Down (2004)
Brinsley Schwarz, Country Girl (1970)
Pete Molinari, Sweet Louise (2008)
Bonnie Prince Billy and The Cairo Gang, Island Brothers (2011)
Peggy Seeger, Mary Ann (1962)
AA Bondy, On the Moon (2009)
Jesse Winchester, Brand New Tennessee Waltz (Live, 2005)
The Heavenly Gospel Singers, I’m A Pilgrim (1936)

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12 thoughts on “Thanksgiving: Late Autumn Light (A Mixtape)

  1. Jimmie Spheeris!! Such a great but under appreciated artist. Great mix – Thank You!

  2. Silent gratitude isn’t very much use to anyone.

    Gratitude on the web in days these like these… makes me looking forward to that early winter mixtape 😉

  3. Thanks a million for the mix! This’ll get ’em in the mood for eatin’ n sharin’.

    (…could only stream though, couldn’t get the download to work.)

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