Holiday esoterica from the far corners of vintage twang, fuzz, scuzz, r&b, blues, country, garage, lounge and beyond. After the jump, Lit Up Like A Christmas Tree II: The Eggnog Is Spiked. Find part one, from 2012, here,

Download and tracklisting after the jump. . .

Download: Lit Up Like A Christmas Tree II: The Eggnog Is Spiked (external link, zipped folder)

Merry Christmas Loopy Lu (The Kaisers)
Santa’s Comin’ in a Big Ol’ Truck (Red Simpson)
Rockabilly Santa Claus (Wanda Jackson)
Rockin’ and Rollin’ Santa Claus (The Hepsters)
Yulesville (Edd “Kookie” Byrnes)
Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus (George Jones and Tammy Wynette)
Christmas Spirit (Julia Lee and Her Boyfriends)
Kisses For Christmas (Marti Brom)
Blue Grey Christmas (King Coleman)
Santa Claus Shuffle (Tommy Scott)
I’ll Be Your Santa Baby (Rufus Thomas)
It’s Christmas Time (The Qualities aka Sun Ra)
Christmas Carols By the Old Corral (Tex Ritter)
At the Christmas Ball (Bessie Smith)
Cool Yule (Donny Burns)
When It’s Christmas Time on the Range (Bob Wills)
Christmas Dinner (Tennessee Ernie Ford)
Wildest Christmas (The Rumbles)
Christmas Lights (Billy Childish)
Santa’s Got A Bag o’Soul (Soul Saints Orchestra)
Billy’s Christmas Wish (Red Sovine)

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6 Responses to “Lit Up Like A Christmas Tree II: The Eggnog Is Spiked”

  1. Thank you and Happy Holidays!

  2. Re-up please! Re-up both volumes! A crashed hard drive means I no longer have access to a key part of my holiday tradition. Please?

  3. second marcus’s comment – please re-up!

  4. Re: my earlier comment on the playing order, I now see the track listing in the post, so now I modify the comment. The compilation has two songs that are not listed in the track listing.

    Christmas Time’s a’Comin’- Jerry Reed
    Six Tons of Toys- Dave Dudley

    Where do these two songs fit in the playing order? Thanks.

  5. Please re-up, today’s the day! TY:)

  6. @jonathan – re-upped 12.24.17

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