Weaving its way between vintage garage, folk, soul and pop, Solstice is the first of a series of upcoming collaborations with Portland, OR based record collectors Sam Huff and Colton Tong. At two hours, digging globally, Solstice is a mercurial, psych-tinged collection of late 60s and early 70s sounds assembled to compliment those long winter nights descending upon us all. Lots of reverb. . .

(zipped folder – zippyshare, external host) download

The B-G System – I Don’t Want To Be Your Man
Harvey Mandel – Wade In The Water Part I
Unkown Japanese Artist – Song Unknown
Toy Factory – Little Girl
The Rattlers – The Witch
Think – California (Is Getting So Heavy)
Spirit – The Other Song
Lightmyth –  Across The Universe
Unknown Russian Artist – BPEMR
Wilding/Bonus – Son Of Alma
Emy Jackson and Blue Comets – You Don’t Know Baby
The Mardi Gras – If I Can’t Have You
Novac – Beyond The Look
Little Richard – Nuki Suki
Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger and The Trinity – This Wheel’s On Fire
Delia Gartrell – See What You Done, Done
Funkadelic – I Wanna Know If It’s Good To You?
Shuggie Otis – Jenni Lee
Takuro Yoshida – A Night Of Our Trip
The Cryan’ Shames – Baltimore Oriole
The Fabulous Flippers – It Was A Very Good Year
Zephyr – Night Fades Softly
The Tigers – Seaside Bound
Ichiro Araki – Itoshi No Macks
The Dirty Shames – Coconut Grove
Old Well – Sanae-chan
The Kinks – Apeman
Midnight Sun – Where You Going To Be
Anita Kerr – Strange
The Free Design – Girls Alone
The Tempters – Kamisama Onegai
David Axelrod – Part I
Takuro Yoshida – I Live On

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32 Responses to “Aquarium Drunkard Presents: Solstice – A Mixtape”

  1. FYI: WeTransfer says download isn’t available anymore. Looks like a good one, thanks!

  2. In trying to google another download site I find that Sam Huff not only is a record collector he is the co-founder of Tanner Goods. Tanner is Good Stuff.

  3. RE-UPPED!

  4. It’s all OK now – looking forward to hearing this one – thanks AD

  5. 11 track is band call “Plamya” (Flame), album “Vremya “Peak” (1982) (peak time, i think), song “They told me there is no such thing as love”

  6. Thanks! Can’t wait to hear it!

  7. Hey AQ. Love it when they’re individual mp3 files in a single folder. I know its more work on your end, but I really appreciate it. So looking forward to this.

  8. awwwwyeh! pumped like a pair of ’92 Reeboks

  9. Solstice reverb! Ya!!!

  10. so great!. keep em coming

  11. Have you ever given a thought to making a Spotify App similar to Pitchfork’s? It would be great to have your reviews, mixtape, etc in one place where you can browse quickly and playback from a dedicated player (and on mobile!).

  12. This is my favorite mix yet! Thank you!! Kinda bummed the bit rate is only 192 kbps though womp womp….

  13. Can’t wait to listen, thanks again guys. PDX reppin hard.

  14. I think the Delia Gartrell track is Fight Fire With Fire. I found See What You Done Done on youtube and it is a beautiful haunting Vietnam War-era performance.

  15. So gooooood. Give me that fuzzy bass to my face!!

  16. Don’t know how I missed the download window on this one –– looks terrific, as always. Must’ve been too focused on sifting through the ’14 Year In Review…so much great music.

  17. Can you please put back up? I was looking forward to the download and now I have the time and it’s not up! Thanks!

  18. down again! re-up pls

  19. yes please re-up and thanks!

  20. Went down again. Re up please, would love to listen!

  21. Here’s another plea to make this available again…many thanks in advance!

  22. NEW LINK: http://www58.zippyshare.com/v/63465487/file.html

  23. Another great offering! Single tracks are much appreciated! The Delia Gartrell track is indeed “Fighting Fire, with Fire”, which was the B-side of “See What You Done Done” in 1971.

  24. zippyshare the GOAT

  25. Does anyone have any idea what the second japanese track is called? Me and my neighbors have been a bit obsessed with it so a bit desperate. Anyone know the reason why it was left untitled?

  26. *woop, meant the third track

  27. Bit out of season now, but this is still a great comp! The David Axelrod track is The Warnings Part II by the way…

  28. Great mix!! Thanks a bunch and merry christmas

  29. I asked my Japanese friend about track no. 3, he thinks the song is by “ニューキラーズ(NEW KILLERS)” and title is “太陽に愛されたい(I wanna be loved by the sun)”. Cheers!

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  31. The third song seems to be exactly what Henning said it was: “I Wanna Be Loved By The Sun” by New Killers; https://soundcloud.com/henningorth/new-killers-i-wanna-be-loved-by-the-sun

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