Imaginational Anthem: Volume Seven

unnamedSince 2005, Tompkins Square’s Imaginational Anthem compilations have offered essential overviews of the rich American Primitive/guitar soli landscape, highlighting the cream of the diverse post-Fahey crop. Label head honcho Josh Rosenthal; put together the first several volumes, but he’s handed over the reins to the musicians themselves. The latest volume was curated by Amarillo, TX-based guitarist Hayden Pedigo (whose Five Steps LP was a 2014 favorite), and it’s a dazzling kaleidoscope of six-string (and sometimes 12-string) sounds, from Norberto Lobo’s bewitching nocturne to Dylan Golden Aycock’s spacious, cosmic ramble. An early standout is Kyle Fosburgh’s lovely tune, “The Great North American Wilderness.” The Minnesota-based player is one of the principals behind Grass-Tops Recording, the label that has released two fantastic Robbie Basho reissues recently. Basho’s spirit is strong in Fosburgh’s contribution to Vol. 7, with its chiming harmonics and sublime, ascending lines. All in all, the latest Imaginational Anthem proves that the possibilities of the acoustic guitar are nowhere near exhausted.   words / t wilcox

Kyle Fosburgh :: The Great North American Wilderness