Multis E Gentibus Vires: A Vintage Saskatchewan Mixtape


Dig into an all-vinyl helping from one of Canada’s overlooked and underappreciated provinces. Rural rock with guitars informed by six months of winter. Prairie Lily ladies and god-fearing men. 800 pounds of country rock from a trio of CFL players. A paean to a Métis folk hero. And Howard. Welcome to Saskatchewan.

Multis E Gentibus Vires: A Vintage Saskatchewan Mixtape

Playlist after the jump. . .

Miss Helen’s Kindergarden Party – Hello
Jim Roberts – Saskatchewan
The Cottonpickers – No Help From You
Dunleath – Footsteps
Blue Train – Rainin’ In My Mind
Yvonne & The Plainsmen – Jamestown Ferry
Frank Robichaud and The Blazer Boys – House of Gold
Connie Kaldor – Spring On the Prairies
Howard – Hard Luck Man
Roth-Bailey-Brock (Saskatchewan Roughriders) – Six Days On the Road
Jim Munro – Riel
The Perrin Sisters – Memories
Miss Helen’s Kindergarden Party – Goodbye Song

Compiled by k evans

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21 thoughts on “Multis E Gentibus Vires: A Vintage Saskatchewan Mixtape

  1. Love this mixtape. Just wondering: any plans to put your mixes on Spotify? Not sure if that’s even possible but it would make listening a lot easier. Thanks!!

  2. Gimmie gimmie guys, you can download this mix by clicking on it and selecting save from your browser’s file menu

  3. @clams and @georgie — How could this be any easier to listen to? You literally just click the link above and you are listening to it. I just don’t understand the issue.

  4. WHO ARE YOU?! How is it that someone in LA has all Saskatchewan gold? Thanks for the mix. Making my day.

  5. for fishing trips deep into the rarely explored Voyageur National Park wilderness, these tunes would make for good campfire banter. if there is anyway for me to get the mp3 of this setlist, i along with my fishing companions would be forever grateful

  6. i cannot find on the net news or album of Dunleath ! i love that sound of guitar..have you some links ?

  7. Awesome tracks that would of never been heard otherwise! Glad I came across this – very cool. You’re making Saltcoats proud haha

  8. Attn: K Evans
    I have several Saskatchewan related records, including 800lbs of West Country Rock (Sask Roughriders!), Stars from Gala Night (Louise Gadzala, Ivan McNabb, Troubadors Three, Jeff Howard.)
    Also have rare recording of Barry Ennis “Mountain of Ice” from the 1960’s.
    Contact if interested in borrowing.

  9. Moved it from cassette to 8-Track today. Now i get to listen in on it on the way eh. To the golf course with my old golf sticks 🙂

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