Tangerine Dream :: Live At Conventry Cathedral, 1975

Sad news from the camp of kosmische/space music/soundtrack pioneers Tangerine Dream today regarding the passing of founding member Edgar Froese.

“Dear Friends, this is a message to you we are deeply sorry for. On January 20th, Tuesday afternoon, Edgar Froese suddenly and unexpectedly passed away from the effects of a pulmonary embolism in Vienna. The sadness in our hearts is immense. Edgar once said: “There is no death, there is just a change of our cosmic address.”

Tangerine Dream was a defining band in the “Berlin School” movement, pushing forward Krautrock, new age, and ambient sounds. In the 1980s, Tangerine Dream provided the soundtrack to films like Legend, Risky Business, Sorcerer, Near Dark and many more. In a 2010 interview with The Quietus‘ Ben Hewitt Froese distanced Tangerine Dream from “electronic music,” saying “Such music emphasizes the intellect and is normally produced as a pure studio event. Working with synthesizers is a completely different approach to electrified music. We’re open to all kinds of modern music developments and wouldn’t be interested in the locked up situation you’re into while working in a musical ivory tower.” words / j woodbury

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