Hallelujah The Hills :: Have You Ever Done Something Evil?


This one came out with little fanfare last year, but it deserves more ears — and it’s just been released on vinyl, too. Hallelujah the Hills have been kicking around the Boston area for a decade now, quietly building up an extremely solid catalogue of sharp, smart guitar rock that calls to mind the halcyon mid-90s days of Guided By Voices, Pavement and Superchunk. Now of course, every city in these United States (and probably beyond) has a dozen bands drawing from that deep indie rock well, but few do it with the style and imagination of Hallelujah the Hills. Have You Ever Done Something Evil? is a blast from start to finish, every minute packed with hooky twists and turns. Mastermind Ryan Walsh can write a hell of a chorus, too, hitting plenty of Pollard-ian, singalong sweet spots over the album’s 12 tunes. Nothing evil here — just a world of great sounds. words / t wilcox

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