Kamasi Washington :: The Epic


On May 4th, tenor saxophonist Kamasi Washington will release The Epic, a 3-disc, 171-minute record on Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder label. Referred to by Lotus as “West Coast Spiritual,” Washington’s record will include a 32-piece orchestra and 20-person choir and seems poised to make a critical statement for borderless free jazz.

Check out the 14-minute first taste, “Re Run Home.” With its soaring reeds, slinky bass and afrobeat percussion, you’ll want to strap in for this one.   words / c depasquale

8 thoughts on “Kamasi Washington :: The Epic

  1. AD is my favorite blog with the most consistently great music. And this one is just crazy!

  2. I remember his playing in a live video with Thundercat at a show at the Echoplex and he was awesome. Unfortunately every time I see Thundercat play live now, he’s not in the band. Good stuff though, and to put out a 171 min record is pretty crazy!

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