JohnCale_1970_VintageViolenceLPBackFollowing his departure from The Velvet Underground, John Cale re-emerged with this sleeper of a solo debut, Vintage Violence. The centerpiece of the record is the lush and elysian dream-pop number “Big White Cloud.” As though truly recorded in heaven, Cale is surrounded by sweeping strings and cosmo-country piano, as he dramatically transcends the self, fusing with the sea, the earth and the skies. Floating amongst the sonic air, he sings, “Oh, I love it, yes I love it, oh I love it so…”

John Cale :: Big White Cloud

Bonus: Anthony LaMarca laid down a pretty catholic, but striking, rendition of “Big White Cloud” on his Songs I Wish I Wrote collection. Stripped down to tweaking electric guitar, thumping drums, and LaMarca’s echoed vocals, his version almost suggests how VU might have treated the tune. words / c depasquale

Anthony LaMarca :: Big White Cloud

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  1. When it comes to John Cale covers, I’m a big fan of Julian Cope’s take on I’m not the loving kind’. Enjoyed the post, cheers.

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