Manu Dibango :: Dikalo (1973)

Manu Dibango Dikalo

Manu Dibango will forever be known as the artist behind the 1972 worldwide smash “Soul Makossa“, but his career spans much deeper than that one immortal track. This Cameroon-born sax man has released nearly 60 albums and 80 singles since 1961, and only a handful of those have seen US release. Throughout his career, Dibango has performed traditional Cameroonian music, jazz, and his own unique fusion of afro-beat and funk — a bouillabaisse that not only made “Soul Makossa” such a smash, but is heard in even higher intensity on the track below.

“Dikalo” starts out with a sax riff that bristles with authority, immediately drawing the listener in. When the devastating rhythm section kicks in, this song ignites into a furious maelstrom of global funk madness. Sadly, ‘Dikalo’ was not a follow-up hit to “Soul Makossa”, and only saw release in half a dozen countries. Regardless, it’s a jam far too righteous to keep under wraps. words / d see

Manu Dibango :: Dikalo

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