Foxygen 7″ 45 via Tanner Goods / Aquarium Drunkard


Dig that leather ‘jacket’ up there ^. Last year we partnered with our pals Tanner Goods to release a free 7″ featuring two two tracks from Foxygen’s 2014 Pickathon performance, which found the group working out material from their (then) forthcoming lp, …And Star Power. This weekend it is available.

The 45s will be available first come, first serve on Saturday July 25th (beginning at 11am) via Tanner’s Los Angeles and Portland stores. The first 20 records we’re giving away this weekend come with a very limited embossed leather sleeve (shown above.)

And if you’re not in PDX or LA, we’re giving a handful of copies away to AD readers via the comment section below. To enter, leave a comment with you favorite record from 1975 and/or ’85.

33 thoughts on “Foxygen 7″ 45 via Tanner Goods / Aquarium Drunkard

  1. Fave 1975 LP? Oh my goodness this is tough, but here are a few:

    Why Can’t We Be Friends? – War
    Hot Chocolate – Hot Chocolate
    TNT – AC/DC (heh heh)

  2. LOVE FOXYGEN!! My favorite album from 1975 is Queen – “An Night at the Opera”.

  3. Oh 1985, I just finished watching Back to the Future and put on “Tim” by the Replacements. Though, that’s a tough call, The Smiths and Waits had a good year too. In 75′ my fave was Blood on the Tacks.

  4. 1975 – Tom Waits “Nighthawks at the Diner”
    1985 – Talking Heads “Little Creatures”

  5. 1975: Neil Young and Crazy Horse “Tonight’s the Night” and Led Zeppelin “Physical Graffiti”. 1985: Husker Du “Flip Your Wig” and Nick Cave and Bad Seeds “Firstborn is Dead”

  6. Wow, I would love to have one of those. One of my favorite records from 1975 was a Little Richard/Jimi Hendrix record. Loved the record (don’t know when it was really released) but it sounds like it was a bogus record. I listened to that a lot that year.

  7. Red Headed Stranger is a standout from 1975. 1985 is one of the best years ever…Minutemen ‘s ‘Project:Mersh’ and ‘3 Way Tie for Last,’ The Descendents ‘I Don’t Want to Grow Up’ are favorites. Also, ‘Psycho Candy’ by Jesus and Mary Chain still rules.

  8. Hard to pick one, so I guess I’ll go with what I remember playing over and over: ’75: Patti Smith “Horses”, 85: “This is Big Audio Dynamite”

  9. It’s an obvious choice, but Wish you Were Here by Pink Floyd. A flawless record. Runner up would be Bowie’s Young Americans.

  10. 1975: Bruce Springsteen’s “Born to Run” and Patti Smith’s “Horses”

    1985: Kate Bush’s “Hounds of Love” and Tom Waits’ “Rain Dogs”

  11. 1975 – Neil Young – “Tonight’s The Night”
    Bob Dylan & the Band – “The Basement Tapes”
    Waylon Jennings – “Dreaming My Dreams”

    1985 – John Cougar Mellencamp – “Scarecrow”

  12. but all of the albums listed by the other commenters are awesome too. ’75 was a good year.

  13. I’m going with ’75 because I’m more into the 70’s right now. picking a favorite record of any sort regardless of the qualifications is impossible, but according to my iTunes library based purely on number of plays my favorite records from ’75 are Ted Lucas, the Om Album; Rob Jo Star Band/ ST; Led Z, Phys Graf; Dion, Born to be with you; Edgar Froese, Epsilon in Malaysian Pale; S Vremena Na Vreme, ST; Dennis, Hyperthalamus (really sick); Daniela Casa, Societa Malata; Lard Free, I’m Around About Midnight – those were all above 10 play count listed in descending order of frequency. Looking at the list I’d pick out Froese and Dennis I guess. both are go to albums for me.

  14. tough one…im’85 I’d say ‘Fables of the Reconstruction” …’75 an unbreakable tie between “Blood On The Tracks” and “Born To Run”

  15. Neil Young’s – Tonight’s the Night and/or Television’s – Marquee Moon

  16. 1975 Rocks! Here’s my 3 faves: Wish You Were Here-Pink Floyd
    Mothership Connection-Parliament, Venus and Mars-Wings

  17. Well, I was 3 in 1975, but my favorite band in 1985 was Led Zeppelin. So I’ll go with Physical Graffiti.

  18. I work at the Ace Hotel (PDX) and someone who came by let me have a copy of the 7inch! I played it on my show on! When I realized it was AD related I got very excited! Big fan of this blog and have been toying with the idea of starting one my own.

    Anyway, great work!~Thanks! MONDO BOYS4LIFE

  19. My favorite of 1985 has to be Jason and the Scorchers – Lost and Found. I saw them open for Stevie Ray Vaughn in Knoxville having never heard of them. I was blown away! They were all over the place and loud. Stevie looked like a mannequin compared to them (his show was spectacular, by the way). They played with abandon and joy. Here’s a sample from Letterman to give you a taste:

    White Lies

  20. 1975: Willie Nelson – Red Headed Stranger
    1985: Tears for Fears – Songs from the Big Chair

  21. My favorite album from
    1975: Neil Young – Zuma
    1985: Dire Straits – Brothers in Arms

  22. 1975: America – America’s Greatest Hits (Is that cheating since it’s a greatest hits?)
    1985: The Replacements – Tim

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