Walks On The Beach :: Adoption Tapes

a1985537729_10Summer isn’t complete without a few walks on the beach, right? The vibrations of this bewitching LP from Mike Shiflet and Jerry David DeCicca are pretty far from Brian Wilson, though. Adoption Tapes is more of a misty morning ramble on a deserted, desolate shore. DeCicca, (who last year gave us Understanding Land, one of 2014’s finest) provides muffled/muttered vocals which drift over disembodied guitar soundscapes that blend feedback with fractured-but-lovely melodies. It’s hard to know exactly what to compare it to (Jandek making an album for the Kranky label?), but it all works very nicely. Wrapped up in artwork by Aquarium Drunkard’s own Darryl Norsen, Adoption Tapes‘  four lengthy tracks transport the listener into a  reverie that’s both lulling and haunting. words / t wilcox

Walks On The Beach :: Tortoises