Joan Shelley’s latest, Over and Even, is her second for No Quarter Records and features Nathan Salsburg prominently on guitar as well as Will Oldam and Glenn Dettinger on gorgeous harmony. A crisp, golden sonic space perfect for autumn’s approach, the record grabs you instantly in its richness and warmth. Appalachian in atmosphere, Shelley’s voice is deep and soft, and with Oldham, prove a perfect pair in their delicate harmonizing. Connections to nature permeate the record, as the psychedelic meditation of the title track beckons: “the scent of wood and coffee / our cup is filling / outside the river flows / its course unfolding.”

Joan Shelley :: Over And Even

Shelley stopped us in our tracks last year with Electric Ursa, but this – the alluring wonder of her voice, scenic poetry and warm autumnal tones – make Over and Even one of the finest folk collections in some time. words / c depasquale

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  1. THis is really really great. She sounds like a wonderful mix of all my favorite female folk singers!

  2. […] As the sunset comes earlier each evening, it’s been hard to get Joan Shelley’s beautiful Over and Even off the turntable. Deep hued and haunted, it’s built on simple blocks that add up impeccably: […]

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