Christine Perfect (Christine McVie) :: I Want You

maxresdefaultBefore joining Fleetwood Mac and taking John McVie’s name in marriage in 1970 —   and just after her stint in the underground British blues band, Chicken Shack (1967-68) —   Christine Perfect cut a solo album in 1969 that featured her smoky, soulful and sensual vocals in what is possibly her greatest overall performance in this style. Christine, of course, wrote and sang on some massive Fleetwood Mac soft rock hits within a few years time, but there is no denying the innate soul that is featured so prominently on this record. The original English issue is hard to find and very expensive (there was no original US release); however, thanks to the massive popularity of Fleetwood Mac, Sire records reissued the album in 1976 and it’s relatively easy to find in that form, or as a part of a CD titled The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions.

Stellar from start to finish, Christine’s performances on piano and vocals are flawless, as is the backing band. But the real treat is tucked away at the end of side two; a funky, funky take on Tony Joe White’s “I Want You”. Tony Joe was fresh on the scene in the late ’60s with a sound that combined blues, funk, psychedelia and a whole lotta southern drawl — a stew that steamed out of control, boiling over with attitude and groove. And while White’s version is a flat out smoker, the lyric is far more predictable coming from a man. Christine’s version takes it to another level with her seductive vocal on top of a smouldering groove. Top Topham and Richard Hayward are both credited with guitar work, though we’re not sure which of the two plays the OUTRAGEOUS speaker shredding guitar solo. Then it’s all over in 2:35. The only option is to play it again. And again. words / d see

Christine Perfect :: I Want You