Miles Davis w/ John Coltrane: “Walkin'” / Cafe Bohemia, 1958


John Coltrane would’ve turned 89 today. While it’s a fun parlor game to imagine the twists and turns the saxophonist’s music might’ve taken if he’d lived just another decade longer, in the end we’re lucky to have had him as long we did — and that he left behind such a wealth of sounds to explore. WKCR’s annual, all-day Coltrane birthday tribute is always a treat to tune in to. And take a few minutes to travel back to when giants walked the earth (and played tiny clubs) with this late ’50s aircheck recording of Coltrane with Miles Davis, Bill Evans, Paul Chambers, Philly Joe Jones blasting through the hard bop anthem “Walkin’.” words / t wilcox

Miles Davis with John Coltrane :: Walkin’

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4 thoughts on “Miles Davis w/ John Coltrane: “Walkin'” / Cafe Bohemia, 1958

  1. Hey AD –

    Is this from a legit release? If not, where did you track it down. Would love to hear the whole set.

    – A

  2. By far one of the most organic recordings captured of this titanic duo. There is an incredible amount of quality and high fidelity in this recording unlike any other Miles/Coltrane take, yet still remains raw and beefy in it’s premise.

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