GospelbeacH :: Pacific Surf Line

It's  all too easy  to hang your Stetson on the wince inducing tag that is ‘all-star band’. But when your rich rail yard is comprised of veterans of the Chris Robinson Brotherhood, Ryan Adams' Cardinals, Further and the Tyde it's often best to listen for the whistle and jump. Yet this is a super group unlike countless others. Brent Rademaker, Tom Sanford and Neal Casal all previously played together in the psychedelic country rock band Beachwood Sparks, and act here as the proverbial steam engine behind GospelbeacH, along with Watson Twins’ stalwarts Kip Boardman and Jason Soda. The breezy tunes of band’s debut,  Pacific Surf Line, waft through the coastal air as swirling Hammond organ, walking bass lines and smokin’ guitar mingle with lush, lived-in vocal harmonies. As the aural waves break and the tide recedes we're rewarded with songs celebrating California’s frontier spirit and the cornucopia of friends and adventures that come with a life largely spent on the road. Over the span of 40 minutes, one sun kissed cut after another radiate brightly as the band barrels down the rocky coastline into the ethers of steam, salt, fog and grass. words / d norsen

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