Dig into an assortment of choice live recordings from Neil Young’s peak 70s period — the period that will presumably be covered by the next volume of the songwriter’s Archives series … whenever that comes out. Drawn mostly from vintage audience tapes, the focus here is on unreleased tunes (of which this is just a small sampling) and interesting re-arranged versions of classics, such as a solo acoustic “LA” from 1973, or Crazy Horse’s raggedly glorious version of “Helpless” in 1976. A master at work… words / t wilcox

Download: Sad Movies: The Secret History of Neil Young / 1973-1978

Tracklist / Provenance after the jump…


1. Last Trip To Tulsa (Time Fades Away Tour with the Stray Gators)
2. Sweet Joni (Time Fades Away Tour with the Stray Gators)
3. New Mama (Time Fades Away Tour with the Stray Gators)
4. LA (Time Fades Away Tour with the Stray Gators)
5. Come Along & Say You Will (Time Fades Away Tour with the Stray Gators)


6. Citizen Kane Jr. Blues (Solo)
7. Greensleeves (Solo)
8. Homefires (CSNY Doom Tour)


9. Midnight On The Bay (European Tour with Crazy Horse)
10. Let It Shine (European Tour with Crazy Horse)
11. Sad Movies (European Tour with Crazy Horse)
12. Evening Coconut (US Tour with The Stills-Young Band)
13. No One Seems To Know (US Tour with Crazy Horse)
14. White Line (US Tour with Crazy Horse)
15. Peace of Mind (US Tour with Crazy Horse)
16. Helpless (US Tour with Crazy Horse)
17. Give Me Strength (US Tour with Crazy Horse)


18. Little Wing (Santa Cruz Summer Tour with The Ducks)
19. Windward Passage (Santa Cruz Summer Tour with The Ducks)
20. Lady Wingshot (With The Gone With The Wind Orchestra)


21. Out of My Mind (Solo)
22. Shots (Solo)

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  2. Wow. Thanks! Looks like I’m mailing it in for the rest of the day

  3. anyone have a link to help identify the dates of each performance?

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  5. This is so cool.

  6. Holy Sh*t!
    Thank you again A/D, you guys are the bestest!

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  9. Awesome. I loved the Ducks stuff you posted a while back – what a great time to see live music.

  10. Great share

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  11. this is unbelievable. sitting back with a doobie enjoying as neil takes over my living room.

  12. Praying for a Ducks Archives release one day. That version of “Little Wing” is some of the most sublime stuff Neil ever recorded.

    Track down their version of “Gypsy Wedding” for some of the most smokin’ leads Neil has ever played!

  13. YES! Love the Time Fades Away era.

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