Spacin’ :: Total Freedom

Philly’s Spacin’ are set to coast into 2016 with their long delinquent second album –  Total Freedom. Recorded deep in the depths of the Chillinger Community Center, the fuzzed out choogle they hang their no shirt, no shoes, no problem mantra on is transmitted blaringly loud on the opening cut “Over Uneasy”. Vamping on the less is more (much more) platform, Eva Killinger’s Tucker-motorik drumming lays the bedrock for Jason Killinger (Birds of Maya) and Paul Sukenna’s (Steve Gunn Band / Chris Forsyth’s Solar Motel) ear-splitting power chord chug as boognish inspired vocals wax ho-hum “I’m late for work man … nevermind” riddles. The emerging racket is so blasted and savory one wonders where he can get his hands on the electric hoagies they have been gobbling. As the album’s enclosed doctrine attests – blast it soon or remain condemned to a million years probation. | d norsen

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