Clarence Reid / Blowfly :: In Memoriam

We lost  Clarence Reid last week. While the world at large may know him from his notorious alter ego ('dirty rapper' Blowfly), Reid was quite possibly the most important figure on the Miami soul scene that blossomed in the late '60s, becoming massive throughout the 1970s. Although a very prolific artist himself, Clarence saw far greater success as a brilliant songwriter (Betty Wright's "Clean Up Woman" being a shining example, and probably his biggest hit).

Clarence turns in a superb performance, here, that is wrought with emotion, and the expressive drumming pushes the song into a mini-masterpiece of southern soul. (Note, his name was misspelled on the release.)

Clarence Reid :: I'm Sorry Baby (1967)

The well of excellent songs that were penned (usually co-written with a partner) is both deep, and VERY satisfying. Shortly before their smooth, Philly soul period, Harold Melvin & company recorded this all-out burner that, in an ideal world, would have been a smash hit. Note: even though this group had released several earlier records where Harold Melvin was given top billing, for whatever reason they are simply The Blue Notes here. Undoubtedly the same group, though.

The Blue Notes :: Hot Thrills And Cold Chills (1969)

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