The Headhunters :: Survival Of The Fittest

the headhunters - survival of the fittest

Space funk incarnate. Last month, perusing bins to pick up a nice copy of Sextant for a pal, I was reminded of the Headhunters 1975 solo debut, Survival Of The Fittest. Sans bandleader Herbie Hancock (though helming the production), the Thrust gang is all here: Mike Clark, Paul Jackson, Bernie Maupin and Bill Summers, along with guitarist Blackbird McKnight. At six tracks, bookended by vocal takes courtesy of Jackson and McKnight, Survival rightly takes its place next to their main gig handiwork with Hancock. High praise, indeed.

If you only know the record via the first track, the oft-sampled, funk stunner and genre classic that is “God Make Me Funky”, do dig in. Here’s a taste, the album’s closer.

The Headhunters :: If You’ve Got It, You’ll Get It

Essential Listening: Herbie Hancock & the Headhunters :: 1974 — Bremen, Germany

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