Lower Dens: The Aquarium Drunkard Session / @ Capitol Studios


Recorded live from the historic Capitol Studios on October 19th, 2015. Lower Dens with the help of engineer Richard Houghton, tracked, mixed and cut the live session straight to vinyl creating a singular one-of-a-kind LP and 7″. The LP and 7” consist of eight songs from which five are available to listen online, below.

I Get Nervous (Aquarium Drunkard Session)
To Die In LA (Aquarium Drunkard Session)
Electric Current (Aquarium Drunkard Session)
Quo Vadis (Aquarium Drunkard Session)
Tea Lights (Aquarium Drunkard Session)

11 thoughts on “Lower Dens: The Aquarium Drunkard Session / @ Capitol Studios

  1. Already got the coloured Escape From Evil but would kill for the live LP! I hope the crowdfunding is a success and that the band are able to replace their gear as far as possible – I understand much of it was custom 🙁

  2. Thanks for sharing the session and a shot at the LP! I hate seeing stories where the band loses their gear. This happens way too much. Glad to help.

  3. Can’t believe bands keep getting ripped off like this!! More than happy to support this band and their cause

  4. Lower Dens are one of my five favorite bands working today. I never miss seeing them when they’re nearby, and I hope they don’t tour less as a result. I’m gutted that this happened to them, and most of all that they lost recordings and writings and more.

    Supported the fundraiser for all I could for now. I wish they were a lot closer to the $6k mark.

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