Sidecar (Transmissions 1-16) — Podcast/Mixtapes

Sidecar Transmissions Archive

Freeform interstitial airwave debris transmitting somewhere off the coast of Los Angeles…

Sidecar Transmissions: A polyglot  bouillabaisse of black sand blues, green swamp fuzz and haunted radio wave detritus. Beginning in 2012, AD’s ongoing (irregular) podcast is about to switch gears…and become a lot more regular. In the meantime, grab all the existing transmissions HERE…before they too exit into the ether.

11 thoughts on “Sidecar (Transmissions 1-16) — Podcast/Mixtapes

  1. Thanks for the heads up! I went back and collected all the missing volumes. Can’t wait to hear what’s in store ahead.

  2. Great stuff! Late-to-the-party on this one (as always!) Has been a great listen, got one left. Favorites? Intros and Hey Bulldog cover . . .

  3. YES! Love all the transmissions. #9 opens with that serious Johnny Thunder. I’ll have to make sure I’ve got all of them though!

  4. YES!!!! I Aboslutely love these little gems. Great to know they – or an incarnation of them – will be back in the mix so I can tune in, drop out, and drift in the cosmic fuzz…

  5. I must have downloaded these beauties 3 maybe 4 times and scateered all over my media libraries…you know…for future generations 🙂 made hard copies too!

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