Harlem River Drive :: Idle Hands

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Harlem River Drive were a short-lived but righteous group of musicians brought together in 1970-71 by Puerto Rican pianist and bandleader Eddie Palmieri. Veritable king of the Latin dance floors, by the end of the 1960s Palmieri was restless, out to top himself, and looking to push beyond the boundaries of the music he had been performing over the past decade.

More on Palmieri and Harlem River Drive can be found in the AD archives, here, but consider the below taste a gentle push to seek out the compilation Funk Cargo Vol. 1 on which the group’s “Idle Hands” is included. You can thank me later.

Harlem River Drive :: Idle Hands

3 thoughts on “Harlem River Drive :: Idle Hands

  1. Hi!

    Funkin’ GREAT! A “new hear & artist” here. More musical discovering, always an enjoyment.


    Ciao! For now.

  2. Palmieri’s revisiting HRD for Red Bull Music Academy’s festival this year (which thankfully seems a bit scaled back this year, sounded like a mess last time).

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