Aquarium Drunkard Presents: Endless Boogie / April 5th


Endless, indeed. If you missed the band’s last run through LA after the release of Long Island, now is your chance to make amends. Endless Boogie touch down at the Bootleg Theater along with Arctic and Loom on April 5th. Tickets are still available, here.

We’ve held a few pairs to giveaway to AD readers. To enter, leave a comment with…your favorite Sabbath record and why. Godspeed.

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4 thoughts on “Aquarium Drunkard Presents: Endless Boogie / April 5th

  1. “Attention Black Sabbath Volume 1”, yeah it’s a comp of their first two albums but it’s nonetheless amazing, the blue vinyl doesnt hurt either…

  2. Black Sabbath 4. When “Wheels of Confusion” begins and Iommi’s guitar bends start up, I can’t help but get pumped. Also, they were living in Bel-Air when they recorded this album as well and I just moved to Los Angeles so I can understand all the partying during the recording.

  3. Technical Ecstasy is honestly so under rated and heavy. People love to hate this and they should go away. From the fast and furious Back Street Kids to one of the best closers in heavy rock history, the 7 minute Dirty Women. This album undeniable slays.

  4. “Paranoid.” Because I have ears? I mean “War Pigs,” right? Also, “Fairies Wear Boots”!

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