Ongaku 70 :: Vintage Psychedelia In Japan


Enter Stomu Yamash’ta and  Osamu Kitajima via Ongaku 70 an indispensable compilation of Japanese psych/prog I was hipped to years back via Ghost Capital. At thirteen tracks, spanning 1969-1978, the collection also features Akiko Yano, Sadistic Mika Band, Harry Hosono & The Yellow Magic Band, Khyal, Kuni Kawachi & His Group, Toshiaki Tsushima, J.A. Caesar & Shirubu, Maki Asakawa and Les Rallizes Denudes among others.

Below, whet your palate with “Awa Odori” — then be sure to stick around for the ride that is “Tengu”.

Stomu Yamash’ta’s Red Buddha Theatre :: Awa Odori
Osamu Kitajima :: Tengu

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