It’s back. Welcome to the first installment of Aquarium Drunkard’s re-tooled podcast. Picking up where the Sidecar (Transmissions) left off, consider this new program a late night broadcast exploring pop culture through an esoteric lens, focusing on music, literature, film and other dispatches from parts unknown.

Beginning now, expect a new episode every other week. Our debut features Jason P. Woodbury’s interview with longtime AD favorite Will Oldham, AKA Bonnie “Prince” Billy, discussing two new albums: his collaboration with Bitchin’ Bajas, the New Age/ambient LP Epic Jammers and Fortunate Ditties and a collection of sessions he recorded with BBC legend John Peel, Pond Scum. Along the way, Oldham pontificates on a certain sci-fantasy blockbuster and discusses his contributions to the upcoming Day of the Dead collection — the mammoth Grateful Dead covers project spanning 59 tracks at nearly six hours.

Aquarium Drunkard: Transmissions Podcast – Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy

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4 Responses to “Transmissions Podcast / Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy”

  1. Is this episode going to be up on iTunes in the near future? not there right now.

  2. @baconfat – thanks for the heads up…it should be. investigating now.

  3. […] cosmic expanses. It’s an enveloping, moving record, blending woodwinds played by Rob Frye of Bitchin Bajas, bubbling arpeggios, and Smith’s vocals, multi-tracked and densely […]

  4. “There’s no model for a great lyric improviser”… Umm.. how about Common, Juice, Biggie, Big L.. etc.etc…. Different style of music but same skill.

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