Rollin’ Up The Rim: A Vintage Canadian Mixtape


Two sons of Tommy Douglas invite you on a spring trip across Canada. From lonesome provinces to cosmic territories, and everywhere in between. A place where private press unknowns stand as tall as under-appreciated legends. Enjoy the ride.

Anne Murray – Buffalo In The Park
Luke Gibson – All Day Rain
Bruce Cockburn – Going To The Country
Dunleath – And That’s For Sure
Bill Wing – World For Sale
Dixie Lee Innes – Queen of Colby Kansas
Sim Rushton – Just Watching P.E.I.
Mirth – Going Away
Ernie Manera – Just Another Pretty Face
Jim Munro – Snow Goose
Brad Scramstad – Marin County
Bonnie Dobson – Winter’s Going
The Huggett Family – I’ll Be Gone
Gord Hayman & Jack McDonald – Take Me Away

This is the fourth installment in our Vintage Saskatchewan series. Find parts one,  Multis E Gentibus Vires,   here, two, Prairie To Pine, here. and three, It’s That Beat (Covers Edition), here. compiled by k evans / b hettinga

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4 thoughts on “Rollin’ Up The Rim: A Vintage Canadian Mixtape

  1. This is the first time I’ve taken the time to listen to one of the tapes in this series. Really awesome. Great stuff. I appreciate it

  2. Man I wish I could find those Bill Wing and Sim Rushton records! Any recommendations?

  3. Bill, the Sim Rushton is on discogs and probably pretty hard to find in the wild unless you’re in the maritimes. The Bill Wing is probably more elusive but he’s from Calgary if that helps.

  4. This is so great, i am constantly amazed at the music that has been left behind:)

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