Aquarium Drunkard Presents :: Ben Watt — Deep Folk 6 / Mixtape

Ben Watt's a lifer -- one-half of electronic duo Everything But the Girl, a producer, DJ, and author. His latest record, Fever Dream, features collaborations with MC Taylor of Hiss Golden Messenger and Marissa Nadler, and finds him mining inspirations he's cultivated over two decades, its hazy, soulful songs unfurling with ease and calm confidence.

For the last few years, he's assembled "Deep Folk" mixtapes, blending field recordings and effects with haunting songs. Below, Watt shared his latest (the sixth installment in the series) as well as a few words about the mixtape's origins, with AD.

I began my Deep Folk Mixtape series about three years ago. I had recently pressed the pause button on my DJ life. After my band with Tracey Thorn, Everything But The Girl went on hiatus in 2000 I spent the next twelve years immersed in underground electronic music, which had had hit me as a new way of hearing and playing music to me after years writing in a similar way - like a long-term painter being introduced to collage. It felt fresh. I ran club nights, launched two labels, co-owned two venues for a while, and traveled many weekends of the year at home and abroad to play deep underground house in basements and ballrooms.

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